Call to stop illegal businesses


IT saddens me as a hardworking and ordinary Papua New Guinean to read about foreign businesses operating above the law in The National (Oct 23) as the investigation goes into its fifth day. It is not proper to see foreign businesses:

  • Operating without proper permits to run businesses;
  • having a high turnover of local female employers;
  • employing new employees regularly to avoid paying tax;
  • paying below the hourly rate;
  • being suspected of sexually abusing female employers; and,
  • Having unhygienic and filthy kitchens.

While I do appreciate the investigating team for revealing these, my biggest concern is the effective addressing of the issues outlined by relevant and responsible authorities.  We cannot be lenient and tolerate such inhumane, unhygienic, illegal and unethical businesses to ruin our beautiful country.
This needs to be stopped.

Willie Siso, Via email

One thought on “Call to stop illegal businesses

  • Please could you look into the plamoil ingredients production it illegal business trades please we are having climate change problems the rainforests Indonesia rainforests is being used for plamoil ingredients production please could you help to stop completely the plamoil ingredients production to stop the rainforests which is in the environment which has rare endangered species animals elephants tigers monkeys rhino plus more please could you gathered the evidence to stop the illegal business trades of plamoil ingredients production please it growing in the environment of an rainforests please it needs immediate action to put an immediate ban response please have all countries who are using please help our importance species they’re are not happy please it home habitats being used for money profits please look on the internet to gathered the proft of illegal activities business trades in the rainforests please tell each country for the damage they’ve are causing the environment please It an environment human rights law to touch the environment in the rainforests please it needs to be immediate help please this is unsustainable business or healthy environment we are getting green house gases please reported this to the right people who can shutdown this down thank you

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