Call to focus on human resources


AS we live in the digital era, life gets more difficult.
It is really sad that many of our human resources are left out in the streets and villages because they cannot afford to pay their school fees.
This is not a minor issue as the more we do nothing to alleviate this problem, the more we suffocate our country.
Where will the next generation be?
As a country, we need to invest more on our human resources.
Some students are roaming the streets because there is no room for them at universities and colleges.
Please teachers, parents and officers in charge of our country’s education system, we really need to open our eyes and build our human resources.
The vast majority of grade 8s, 10s and 12s are missing out of higher education.
We cannot develop this country without considering them because if we forget them, they will become a burden to the country.
For example, we can build a new health centre but it will only end up with its walls filled with graffiti.
Let’s invest in our human resources and save ourselves much heartache later on.

Glen Burua
DWU, Madang

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