Call to revive vision 2050


MY views relate to the sloppiness in service delivery within the government bureaucracy.
The previous government was replaced by the Marape-Steven Government with the slogan ‘Take Back PNG’.
It’s a major policy statement by the Laguna camp which successfully removed the O’Neill government.
After six months into office not a single government department, institution or agency (ies) has taken cue from this policy call.
The bureaucracy has gone silent, services are falling apart and no central agency department is able to rise up to translate this call.
We are waiting and watching very closely what the bureaucracy is up to?
I would like to suggest to the prime minister to revive the Vision 2050 Implementation Centre (formerly the Public Sector Reform Unit).
House it under the Department of Prime Minister and NEC as a key implementing agency to oversee a major policy realignment to implement the Vision 2050.
The call to ‘Take back PNG’ is in short form a summary statement enshrined in the Vision 2050 platform – a very unique single autochthonous’ blue print for PNG.
Prime minister, if you take heed of this call, you will have set the country in the right foot into prosperity and economic independence.

Koreken Levi

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