Can we be fairly treated?


WE have read and heard stories of racism in many countries around the world.
People are being bullied in schools and work places.
Many lives have been lost.
In Papua New Guinea we may have not seen it but it is here.
The common place where it is occurring daily is at work.
Work racism is occurring daily where we the Nationals are treated as slaves.
We can be working for K3.30 and hour for up to six years when we should be getting K5 to K6 per hour.
How can we look after our family as in PNG we have extended families living together?
The fortnightly wage of K3.50 is not enough. There are some expatriates who are occupying the same post as we do, but they are getting K30 to K40 per hour – which works out to K5000 fortnightly.
Can we be fairly treated as expatriates and other foreigners in our homeland?

JP Warisung
Concerned Citizen, Lae

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