Capital city is a hell hole

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 30th, 2012

I SUPPORT the comments by “Fed Up and Frustrated” (July 25).
We must not pretend that our capital is alright.
We have to take this matter seriously.
Uncivilised and ag­gres­sive people fill the streets of Port Moresby.
Look at the way they litter the city.
It seems that they do not have brains.
I stopped going to Gordon because I find that I cannot go there alone.
Women and good citizens become victims bec-ause of these animals preying on them.
Is there any better place that we can go to?
The people of Port Mor-esby are facing all sorts of problems.
The government should impose tougher penalties on those who are selling items in unauthorised places. 
It is time peace-loving people of Port Moresby stand up for their rights.

Jk Kendamo Falls
Port Moresby