Carbon trade project not easy

Letters, Normal

IT is sad to note that the landowners from Pangia, Southern Highlands province, giving their power of attorney to Kirks Robert of Nupon Trading in return for K500 to each ILG chairman. I doubt whether the landowners understand the lengthy procedures involved in the carbon trade.
The carbon trade project is lengthy and complicated however, if the landowner partners like Nupon Trading are genuine then it will properly develop the project and share the benefits equally with the people. I am trying to understand how the benefit-sharing would be like when the certificate is issued for the project to sell its carbon credit. I would like to appeal to many forest resource owners who may want to join this association, Pacific International Carbon Trader Association PNG Incorp and in particular the Oro Landowners Association, to be wary. Clans have contributed K1,100 to the latter this organization whose chairman is Ian Bogino and who we are reading about now in the newspapers. I suggest that the forest resource owners to enter into dialogue with genuine international partners as there are many reputable international organisations who would be keen to enter into partnership to develop the carbon trade project through mutual respect and understanding so that both parties benefit. I understand procedures and processes on carbon trade but I wonder whether people like this Oro  Landowners Association understand the project or which forest areas qualify  for the carbon projects. Forest resource owners should not be fooled by carbon traders who would exploit their resources to become rich.


John Kawowo,
Gordons, NCD