Carbon trading


AS the chairman of Vanimo, West Sepik, I extend my appreciation to those who assisted me with the opportunity to establish ‘carbon trade’ in our country:
Carbon trade is one of the valuable assets to our country’s development and economic growth.
It can play an important role in improving the living standards of our people in the nation, for instance, a country like Vietnam has developed in bigger scale, because of carbon trade being the core foundation to their country’s economic growth and development as well as other countries around the world.
Carbon trade can be categorised into four different types of categories: Grey carbon; green carbon; brown carbon; and blue carbon
As naturalised citizens of PNG we should be responsible for our natural resources and encourage reforestations to areas that are experiencing deforestations and prevent any form of treat to our natural resources.
Basically our main aim is to trade our natural carbon to other countries so that the outcome can benefit our people and the nation, especially, economic growth and any form of development in our country.
If other countries can practically build that capacity, why not Papua New Guinea?

Martin Wai

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