Carry out social mapping process


I AM calling on the Government and the developer Total SA for the benefits of the nine tribes from the Papua LNG Project that is in the heart of Baimuru district.
According to everything that’s mapped out, not much benefit will be going to the people of Baimuru.
We have a stable, clear and honest ancestral migration history from Purari.
We will not allow the project to go ahead unless clan identification and social mapping processes are fully satisfied.
This is to avoid payments delays as what is happening to the PNG LNG project because of Incorporated Land Groups identification issues.
We want responsible authorities to follow proper processes.
We want the Government and developer to deal with the genuine landowners and not with leaders who are only concerned of benefiting themselves.
This is our livelihood and we will not give it away.
Money will come and go but the damage will be for a lifetime and we want things to be done properly.
Baimuru LLG’s nine tribes support the project but we will all corporate if this demand is compiled accordingly.

Omaro Karara,
Baimuru LLG President

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