Casino owner is the only winner

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SHP Governor Anderson Agiru is spot on when he called for the removal of the Casino Bill.
I am a visitor who comes from a country that has implemented a casino law.
I sat on information panels on how to increase attendance at casinos.
Let me tell you this: There is only one winner in this business, and it is the casino owner.
Ten years ago, the casino in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, counted on making C$250 from every person who came through the door.
People would flock from across the border in Detroit to spend mo­ney.
The attendance always in­creased when the needy received their welfare cheques, only to lose it all.
All the non-profit charity organisations, which raised their money from bingos and lotteries, were hit extremely hard and the source of funds they relied on, decreased overnight.
Did the casino offer to help out these organisations?
Did the casino help to pay for gambling addiction?
Did the casinos help families who lost everything to gambling?
So, ask yourself: Does the owner of the proposed casino have government officials in his pocket?
If so, then the casino is a done deal because from what I have seen, money talks in PNG.
So, what do you do now?
You must have a law that makes the casino responsible for gambling addiction, loss of money to charity organisations, etc.
If the casino cannot assume this responsibility, then it should not be allowed to take money from the people.


James Parker
Port Moresby