Catholics leave for Bible Church


MEMBERS of the Catholic Church at a diocese in Mt Hagen have farewelled three members who have chosen to be pastors of the PNG Bible Church.
About 300 Catholics at the Polgau outstation in the Wurup Parish of the Hagen diocese in Western highlands held a service to farewell the three who were handed over to PNG Bible Church Hagen district Reverend Berry Tina, Pastor Paul Pupundi and other pastors.
Catholic priest Father Paul Akil who is the uncle of Andrew Kewa, Amos Puk and Desmond Kur said the Catholic church respected their decision.
“We are happy to release them to become pastors and serve the spiritual wellbeing of the people in the communities that they will be serving,” he said.
Rev Tina thanked the Catholic Church for releasing the three.
“My church did not make any offers or provide any incentives to attract the three men. They made their own decisions. We are here to accept them into our church,” he said.
He said Kewa and Puk would attend the Tambul Bible College. Kur will attend the Pabarabuk Bible College next year.
Tina said all churches served one purpose – to bring people closer to God.
“I want to thank Catholic Church for bringing the word of God into the country during the dark ages and making a big difference to the country,” he said.
He said the Catholic Church also provided services such as health and education, and reaching people in the remote parts of PNG.

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