Central counts delayed due to unpaid allowances

National, Normal

The National, Thursday July 26th, 2012

NON-PAYMENT of allowances to polling officials has affected the electoral process since polling started last month.
Polling and counting in most parts of the country have been stalled due to polling and security officials not receiving their allowances.
While counting is nearing the end and declarations are being made, counting for Central regional and Goilala open seats have been boycotted as officials demand their outstanding payments.   
Counting at the Taurama Army Barracks in Port Moresby was disrupted yesterday morning when tapes were tied across the gate leading to the counting rooms so  dayshift officials could not enter.
An official at the venue said election officials for Goilala had decided to stop counting yesterday to sort out allowances with the Electoral Commission.
Goilala and Central election managers could not reached for comment.
The officer said counting for a day in both areas was delayed.
Before the suspension of counting yesterday Goilala had two ballot boxes left and Central had 17.
Goilala and Central were in the seventh and 45th exclusions respectively.