Central run past Souths

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The National, Thursday 10th November 2011

GIGIRA Laitepo Central Coast yesterday jumped to second spot after defeating Petro Souths 2-1 in the wash-out clash at Bisini Soccer Oval in Port Moresby.
Two quick goals by Reginald Davani and Naime Kepi was enough to see the Central boys taking over the second spot from City Pharmacy Eastern Star.
Star still have an outstanding game with Tukoko after it was aborted due to the ethnic clash in Lae last week.
Davani, making his first appearance in the local semi-professional league dictated play upfront.
He was well supported by Tau Winnie and flankers Nathaniel Lepani and Kepi.
The match did not reach any great heights as both teams were struggling to break through each other’s defence in the opening 20 minutes.
However, with 10 minutes remaining before half time, referee Hillary Ani awarded a free kick to Central Coast.
Lepani slotted the ball over the defenders to goalkeeper Jacob Senat who did not secure it which found Davani for the opening goal.
Central Coast scored their second goal soon after the restart of the game when midfielder Leano Geno passed to Naime Kepi who beat the Souths defenders to blast home.
Central defended the two goal lead until half time.
In the second half, Souths made some positional changes which saw them playing their hearts out.
Led by former Eastern Star player Mante Kavoi who switched to midfield to support his striker Ronald Sohuru.
Ignatius Talania scored a goal for Souths.
Kavoi stood out and supported Mathias Apo and Pedro Ajakopa well throughout the proceedings.
The Eastern Highlander blasted it over Central Coast goalkeeper David Aua but was red-carded for back-chatting Ani.
The goal by Kavoi lifted the morale of the boys.
However, had they kept their cool, they could have scored more.
They started to apply some rough-house tactics which did not help at all.
Central‘s Davani was lucky to complete the game after Souths started to target him.
Playing with 10-man after Aua was sent off, Central Coast continued to to complete the game, coming out winners.
The unofficial ladder: Hekari United 9, Central Coast 9, Eastern Star 4, Bulolo United 3, Besta United PNG 3, Tukoko University 0, Petro Souths 0.