Chamber eyeing plan to give ENB clean image


EAST New Britain Chamber of Commerce and Industry president David Stein plans to organise a clean-up campaign to address littering.
“We must do something about the blatant littering and increase of plastic bags and other rubbish,” he said.
“It is disgusting. It is unsightly, and it certainly does not make ENB worthy of being a tourist destination.”
Stein said that when he was driving from Kenabot to Takubar over the weekend, he saw a passenger in a vehicle throw a plastic bag of rubbish out of the window.
“I saw thousands of plastic bags and bottles and cans all over the road, in the grass, under trees, along the drains and out to the beach,” he said.
“I have even seen police cars throwing empty beer bottles out onto the roadside.”
Stein said the chamber would organise a clean-up event four times a year.
“We want everyone to get involved and turn our province into something we can be proud of.”
Stein will ask government departments, local level governments, businesses and schools to provide tools, rubbish bags, drums, small tipper trucks and labour.
“Let’s work together to start making our place a tourist destination that is worthy of earning that tag. The last thing we want is for visitors to go back to their country reporting that the scenery was great but was spoiled by the site of rubbish.”

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