Chan stresses on importance of hygiene

Islands, Normal

NEW Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan says he is proud to deliver better standard of hygiene to villagers by providing toilets even if it is the lowest level project.
Sir Julius said the village toilet project delivered to the people the same level of dignity and quality of service provided in towns and cities and the international community.
He said this in addressing a small community in Mongol village in Kavieng represented mostly by woman and children and a large Government delegation at the launching of their village toilet project last Tuesday.
The septic toilet project comes complete with four toilets (two each for males and females) washbasin, running tap water and solar powered lighting.
The governor’s wife, Lady Stella Chan, cut the ribbon for the female toilets and deputy provincial administrator Dennis Gati, for the males.
Immediately, the women expressed sincere gratitude to Sir Julius for giving them the village toilet project saying: “He has answered our communal needs and immediately lifted the standard of hygiene of the people.”
He said the size did not count so long as the people felt the impact of development and change in lifestyle to new levels equal to the best “olsem haus bilong ol masta”(similar to white man’s house)
“Better hygiene means less sickness, less call on hospitals and savings on medicine,” Sir Julius said.
Five more Village Toilet Projects have been completed on the Islands on Limanak, Nonavaul, Umbukul and Tingwon and Lokono on the mainland, which will be opened soon.