Chan warns illicit liquor producers and consumers

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PARENTS involved in producing and consuming illicit liquor with their children are sending themselves to the grave, New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan said.
He also warned of extreme measures to be taken against them, like “giving low priority status” in the provision of medical and public funded services to habitual illicit liquor consumers and drug users.
This is in light of widespread drug abuse and illicit consumption of homebrew in the province as reported by police.
Sir Julius expressed disappointment and anger over police reports of the arrest of two women and the murder of two young men as homebrew-related crimes.
“All levels of the community must cooperate with law enforcement agencies and village law and order monitors to eradicate the homebrew menace.
“Be responsible parents who are vital teachers of peace and humility. They are the best guides to children growing up to be responsible citizens who contribute to the growth of communities and nation,” he added.