Chancery plans under way

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ONCE the two chanceries in Solomon Islands and PNG are completed, the relationship between the two border-sharing countries would improve markedly. 
PNG High Commissioner Aiwa Olmi said the chancery would see officers working with their Solomon Islands counterparts on border related issues.
 “We will have officers like police, customs and immigration representatives and border development will also take place,” he said.
Mr Olmi said he was particularly pleased with the Government’s commitment to the issue. 
The Government has now expended its border development authority with good funding and it has also received international development partners support.
 “While PNG is concentrating on the Indonesia- PNG border, it is equally important to develop the PNG-Solomon Islands border, ” Mr Olmi said.
 He said this should pave the way for developments such as domestic flights going from Gizo to as far as Milne Bay province.
“We need to develop these border provinces to avoid illegal movements and activities.
The newly constructed PNG chancery is now in its first phase and should launch into its second phase of construction by April.
The Government committed more than K10 million for the project.
 PNG’s chancery in the Solomon Islands is scheduled for completion in November.  Solomon Star