Change comes from within


CONCERNED citizen must be applauded for sharing your wise counselling to the nation about taking back ownership of PNG.
I agree that everyone needs change from within but who does it start with?
I believe it starts with a certain individual.
That individual is the father and he has to set the example for the rest of the family to follow.
If the father is an alcoholic, drug addict, gambler, thief, liar, power hungry, jealous, disrespectful, etc, his family will follow in his footsteps.
Whatever the father does, the family will surely pick up from him.
These behaviours or characteristics will influence the neighbours, the community, the nation and most probably the world.
So fathers must be weary of their actions or behaviours within the family unit because the family is part of the neighbourhood, the community, the nation and the world.
Whether a natural father, step father, foster father, guardian, etc, the change must first come from within him.
Be wise and your family, your neighbours, your community, your country and the world will be wise.


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