Change our govt system


I SUPPORT a few callers to the FM100 Talkback Show the other day.
Our current government system is not working.
There is a lot of clear evidence that we see, hear and talk about every day.
What can we do to fix it?
We can go on talking about hardships faced by citizens of Papua New Guinea in remote and less developed parts of our country, yet there is still no effort put in to solve these problems.
There is no other solution to these ongoing everyday issues, but to change the current government system to a federal sate government.
It is true that power is trapped and controlled by a few people who use it to satisfy their personal interests and there is nothing we can do but go on talking only.
If the Government disagrees to change, it will paint a clear picture of a power-hungry system that refuses change.
I bet in five years’ time, the Autonomous Region of Bougainville will be much more developed than any other province in the country.
The next thing you know, provinces with rich resources will be asking for autonomy and ask for independence eventually.
It is time to change for the better and give power back to the people.