Charles’ education goal


A YOUNG man from Bakum village in the Konoagil area of Namatanai, New Ireland, wants to bring change and development to his ward, local level government (LLG) and district though education.
Charles Towinman, 34, is a grade 10 school leaver, however, this has not stopped him looking for ways to educate himself.
After completing his grade 10 at Namatanai Secondary School in 2005, he went home and decided to continue with his education by upgrading his grade 10 marks through matriculation.
His childhood dream was to become a primary school teacher.
That was why he did matriculation so he could apply for teachers training college.
Instead of going to teachers college, he attended early childhood education (ECE) training programme in East New Britain in 2018 and recently completed his second year.
Towinman was among 12 youths from New Ireland who travelled to Kokopo to attend a six weeks
ECE programme which ended last week
“Personally, I want to bring ECE to my village because of lack of human resource,” he said.
“We are at a point where we recognise that education is life and for that, we are so interested, that is why we come all the way to attend this training.
“This programme is in my heart and I want to go to the rural areas of Namatanai and make awareness about this ECE programme so that more schools will be established
so that we educate our children well.”
Towinman also said Konoagil LLG was one of the difficult area, there was no proper roads and electricity.
Towinman is in his second-year studying the ECE second module and he is doing awareness from ward one to ward 10.
There are 17 wards in the local level government and he has covered 10 wards.
Towinman currently has a small ECE school Narun play school established in 2018, enrolling 92 children, he built from money he had from doing fundraising and a little from parents’ help.
Towinman dream is for ECE to cover whole of Konoagil LLG and Namatanai.
“I see that this programme is the start of life foundation and knowledge for children so that we groom our children up so that they become quality and good citizens of our wards and the country as a whole,” he said.