Chief failed to groom young leaders

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday, May 23, 2011

I REFER to the letter “Chief shows why he is a wise man” (The National, May 19) by “The watcher”.
The writer thinks the Chief’s preference of Sam Abal over “someone else” for the position of DPM is a demonstration of the former’s “wisdom”.
That is one side of the coin.
There are ways of looking at it.
First, this decision reflects the Chief’s greed and desire to cling to power.
He has violated the National Alliance party’s policies, procedures and principles.
If Abal’s appointment demonstrates a wilful violation of rules, surely that cannot be seen as a demonstration of wisdom on Sir Michael Somare’s part, but greed.
Second, the Chief’s worst fears have become a reality.
He may have spent more than 40 years in the parliament but when he saw young, vibrant, charisma­tic and educated MPs coming along, he became worried.
He was willing to do “anything” to hold onto power.
If anything, Abal’s ap­pointment only confirms his dread.
Finally, none of us will ever know the craftiness of the Chief.
The reason NA leaders are making “noise” is be­cause the Chief did not mentor any of them.
He has failed to groom the next generation of lea­ders.
He has no interest in those under him.
He certainly was not interested in Sir Puka Temu, Belden Namah, Don Polye, Allan Marat and Patrick Pruaitch.
He treated these people as his son’s rivals.
He spent the last eight years suppressing them as much as possible.
Thus the reaction from the NA MPs was expected.
The once admired face of Pacific has become a tyrant in his dying years.


L. Lai
Port Moresby