Kaeok knows what he is doing

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday, May 23, 2011

I REFER to the letter “Where is Kaeok going to plant 1mil seedlings?” (The National, May 17).
I wish to inform the writer that the Wapenamanda MP knows what he is doing.
The MP is introducing Arusha coffee seedlings which can grow in any climate or environment.
It is also high yielding, unlike Robusta or Arabica, which only grow in certain climatic conditions.
Since the price of coffee is almost K7 per kilo, the people of Wapenamanda are enjoying a windfall.
They are happy with their MP’s distribution of 500,000 Arusha seedlings along with the distribution of pumps, hand gloves, gumboots, prunners, etc.
Land is not a problem as the Arushas are hardy and can be planted in rugged or mountainous areas.
Those who are interested to plant coffee in Wapenamanda, should go home to the villages rather than doing nothing in the urban areas.

Salem Yangakuni
Via email