Children future of country, says pastor


International Children’s Day is a reminder to parents that children are the future, says Pastor Ruth Nolie, a Sunday school teacher at Kudjip Nazarene Emmanuel Church, during celebrations last Sunday.
Nolie and her colleagues made the day special when the children of the  Sunday school class took the leading roles during the service.
The children brought excitement and tears to their parents when they led the service.
Nolie and her other colleagues praised the parents.
“Children are the greatest blessing out of all other blessings in life that God has given,” she said.
“They are our greatest assets.
“We must teach our children to grow up with godly characters.
“When we have children who build their foundation on Jesus’ character, we would have a better, community, country and planet.
“Imagine the kind of society we would have if all parents raised their children to be God -fearing by teaching them good moral principles?
“Children have special rights and privileges that must be respected and not abused.
“Fathers and mothers have a responsibility to create a conducive environment in the family’s home where children learn to become good citizens in future.
“The kind of society we see today reflects the kind of children that come out of a family: A good family produces good children who are well-behaved. Attitude problem is common among our young people.
“There is no respect for elders. Law and order problems get out of hand. “This shows the kind of character they learnt from their parents.
“On the other hand, imagine a Christian family which take their kids to Sunday school, teaches them to pray, reads the Bible and respects others.”