Eoe sees challenge in caring for homeless children


CARING for children who are homeless and have been subjected to abuse is a big challenge, says Youth, Religion and Community Development Minister Soroi Eoe.
“I call on the churches, NGOs and partners to look into it so that the Government can partner with you,” he said.
He told the Children’s Forum in Port Moresby that t was easy to pick up a child who needed immediate protection, “but if we can’t place them with a relative, then it is a concern”.
He said the Lukautim Pikinini Act described the preferred environment for the care and upbringing of a child was with his or her own family. The responsibility for the care and protection of children rest with their parents.
“If a child is temporarily or permanently deprived of his family environment, or cannot be allowed to remain in that environment in his own best interest, the child is entitled to special protection and assistance from the Office for Child and Family Services,” he said.
“If a child is placed in the care of the Office for Child and Family Services, or other appointed care organisations, the child is entitled to maintain close relationships with people significant to the child,  including parents, siblings, extended family, peers, family friends and community, unless it is contrary to his best interest.”
He thanked the churches and organisations which look after such children.