Children make parents happy


THREE to five-year-old children attending a school in Port Moresby have impressed their parents with presentations at the school’s graduation at Hohola.
The 30 preschool and kindergarten pupils from Full Gospel Academy wowed their parents and guests when they recited vowels, sounds phonics, spelling and recognising numbers by counting and spelling them in among guest and parents.
Principal Mary Hailai said she was proud to see how the students displayed what they have learnt.
Hailai said the school used materials from southern education in Australia.
“For a preschool student, the learning focus is on observing and assessing where teachers keep record of how students behave and their ability to reason and identify things,” she said.
Hailai said the school focused on early literacy and encouraged learning through physical and mental activities while also guiding the pupils with Christian values and principles.
A parent, Romney Kaipa, said he was impressed with his son.
“From observing my son before he was enrolled in the school, he was shy and did not show any sign of being academically bright. But after being enrolled in the school he can now read and talk in front of people,” a proud Kaipa said.