Children must know the word of God, says pastor

Faith, Normal

PARENTS, citizens and friends of graduating elementary two students from the Londolovit Urban Elementary School on Lihir Island, New Ireland province, have been told that it was vital for their children to taught the Bible, know the word of God.
“This should be the number one priority from an early age, knowing the word of God their schooling from elementary to primary school and beyond,” resident United church pastor Elias Sohut said.
“We will be guided by such knowledge.”
The students were told that all material things in their lives, including the smart clothes they wore to the graduation and the presents they were given, would end.
But their knowledge of the word of God would live on and guide them through a peaceful and worthwhile life.
Pr Sohut delivered this at the school’s graduation recently where 47 students graduated with flying colours.
He said it was the first time a church elder had been invited to address an elementary school gathering despite the school not teaching religious instructions.
“A man who does not teach his children the word of God or good attitudes will find that his children will not have a good attitude to life,” Pr Sohut said.
He said the priority for parents was to teach their children the word of God because they are the first teachers at home.