Chimbu needs K500,000 to pay service providers

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 9th, 2013


THE Chimbu provincial election office needs K500,000 to pay off outstanding claims from service providers, according to provincial elections manager Gore Kaupa.

He has called on the six members of parliament from Chimbu to give K100,000 each to the provincial electoral office to settle the debts.

Kaupa said Chimbu was the only province in the highlands region which had all its elections declared valid.

“We incurred bills after a very successful Local Level Government election with 317 ward councillors and 20 presidents declared. The K1.9 million given was insufficient. We need K500,000 (more) to pay our bills. 

“I appeal to MPs from the province to come with K100,000 each to help us pay bills,” he said.

He said they had received an additional K100,000 from the provincial government and a K100,000 commitment from Governor Noah Kool.

“Chimbu had a good election. We chartered planes to conduct elections in Karimui and achieved a good result,” Kaupa said.

“We need half a million to pay off the bills. 

“I will meet with the service providers this Thursday to discuss the issue of funding shortages.”