Chimbu police praises media

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday 4th January 2012

THE media in the country has been praised for effectively disseminating information to the public in 2011.
Chimbu provincial police commander Supt John Kale yesterday said the media played an important role in educating the public on important issues affecting the country and the people.
“I highly commend the excellent relationship the local media has maintained with police in the province in the past 12 months,” he said.
“I encourage the good relationship be maintained in the New Year.”
He said it was only through the radio, television and newspapers that information was disseminated to the public.
“The people are kept informed through the media on what is happening, it is important for media to report facts accordingly so the public are fed the correct information,” Kale said.
However, Kale highlighted some fundamental errors certain reporters in the Highlands made while reporting on events and issues regarding police operations in Chimbu.
He urged reporters to always cross check facts and to get a fair and balanced story out to the public.
“Reporters should investigate facts and not report on falsified information and assumptions.
“I call on them to always cross check with me on any law and order stories from the six districts,” Kale said.
He praised the people and leaders in the districts for maintaining a peaceful and trouble free festive season.
Kale reported no major incidents over the Christmas and New Year periods other than a few roadblocks along the Highlands Highway.
But, he said, police kept up patrols to ensure the highway was kept clear for the public.
“There were a few arrests for minor incidents, the people have now realised what Christmas and New Year means and have observed them meaningfully.
“I encourage them to maintain peace in the next 12 months,” Kale said.