Chimbu told to acquit funds

National, Normal

The National, Thursday June 20th, 2013


THE Chimbu provincial government and administration were told yesterday to account for more than K100 million allocated to the province for service delivery.

Finance Minister James Marape issued the challenge on Tuesday at the opening of district treasuries in Karimui and Chuave districts.

“All districts and LLGs will continue to get funding from the government, development programmes taking place on the ground must equate the money received,” he said.

 He said the Government was putting all the money into the districts where the bulk of the population were found.

Marape congratulated the people of Karimui and Chuave districts that had their respective treasury offices and houses for their officers opened.

He said all the money coming to the district must be drawn from the district treasuries and not at the provincial treasury offices.

“The Government is giving K100 million to the province every year for the next five years, where K500 million will be coming to Chimbu, developments worth K100 million must be on the ground to reflect the impact of the O’Neill Government for giving more money to the districts,” Marape said.

The Tari-Pori MP said political instability over the past years had caused the country to remain stagnant in development with leaders playing too much politics.

“Internal politicking and taking sides at political and administrative levels have slowed down progress of PNG,” he said.

Marape also called on candidates contesting seats in the LLG elections not think about money, as leadership was not to be thrown around.

“Each level of government must have leaders who can perform because the government will put more money into the provinces and districts. 

“I also call on the people to cooperate with political leaders and public servants to perform their duties to serve them,” he said.

Marape presented K500,000 towards each towards Chuave and Karimui-Nomane road pro­jects and K500,000 for education services.