Chinese duo charged with attempted murder

National, Normal

TWO Chinese nationals suspected of shooting businessman Jason Tan at his home in Port Moresby have been charged with attempted murder.
They are expected to appear before the Waigani Committal Court tomorrow.
Changjiang Gao, 36, and Xue Zhufu, 38, were arrested in Baruni, in Moresby Northwest, shortly after Mr Tan was shot at his home at Paga Hill on Saturday afternoon.
Two pistols were reportedly seized.
Five shots were fired at Mr Tan, but only one hit him in the arm.
It is understood that he has sought treatment in Australia.
Sources told The National that the case would be referred to the National Court and that bail was unlikely.
Police contacts have revealed that the matter will be committed to the National Court, where application for bail is to be lodged.Police are questioning the suspects through interpreters.
Both accused do not speak English or Tok Pisin.
Mr Tan is a long-time resident of PNG and is involved in several businesses.
Some quarters have linked the shooting to Chinese triads but this could not be confirmed.
NCD acting Assistant Police Commissioner Awan Sete said on Sunday that the gunmen had escaped in a car but Mr Tan immediately alerted police and a mobile squad intercepted the suspects at Baruni.
Two semi-automatic handguns and ammunition were found in their vehicle.
ACP Sete said: “This latest incident confirms the existence of Asian triad operatives in Port Moresby.”
He said one of the firearms was registered to an individual whom they refused to identify.
He said they were checking the ownership of the second gun.
The Chinese Embassy in Port Moresby had been informed of their arrest.
The attack on Mr Tan came a few weeks after the assassination attempt on Chief Ombudsman Chronox Manek.
Metropolitan commander Chief Supt Fred Yakasa said he was worried about a new trend in crime in which people were being paid to kill.