Cholera resurfaces with 27 suspect cases

Lae News, Normal

The National- Friday, January 28, 2011


CHOLERA has resurfaced in Morobe with 19 reported cases in Lae City and eight in Mandok Island, Tewae-Siassi district.

Angau Memorial Hospital admitted 19 cases from 15 locations around city settlements and suburbs last Saturday while Mandok Island reported eight cases last Tuesday. 

Laboratory tests showed 12 of the 19 Lae cases to be of cholera.

Morobe provincial health programme adviser Dr Likei Theo said that the resurgence of the cholera bacterium was “likely caused by the current dry period forcing people to use contaminated rivers and underground water sources”.   

“We have to be mindful when using water sources, toilets, and buying foods sold on the roadsides,” said Theo.

He said that a cholera task force meeting will be held this morning at the provincial malaria control unit conference room,  opposite the Nursing School, to discuss strategies to contain the situation.

The topics will include awareness, procurement and distribution of essential medical and non-medical drugs and items, surveillance and monitoring systems and others.