Chopped poles disrupt services

National, Normal

The National, Thursday October 10th, 2013


A POWER pole on a road leading to Tambul, Western Highlands, has been chopped down, resulting in no power for the district’s government buildings and business houses, locals claim.

 All have been without power for two weeks, they said.

The power pole that runs the main service line was chopped at Murmur Pass at Tambul, in the Tambul-Nebilyer electorate, by youths believed to be on drugs.

The affected areas include the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), Tambul Bible College, Tambul District Hospital, primary schools, trade stores, police barracks, district staff and the public.

Institutions and the hospital are depending on generators while others, including the public servants, are in the dark.

The National travelled on Tuesday to attend the Tambul agricultural innovation show and confirmed that the pole along the roadside had been cut.

Two locals at Tambul, from the Yano tribe, condemned the behaviour.

Jacob Kunjil and Gibson Nicky said people who did not have respect for others by destroying services should be arrested and charged.

They said villagers who lived at Karis should come out and identify those who were involved in the cutting down of the pole.

Kunjil said the pole was chopped on the night of Sept 29.