Christmas cheer for kids

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THE message this Christmas is all about sharing the spirit and joy of the festive season not only with families and loved ones but with others who would not have the chance to be part of all the celebrations in a few days’ time.
And this was just what happened yesterday when the sick children at Port Moresby General Hospital got a surprise visit from the management and staff of the National Economic and Fiscal Commission (NEFC) office, who went to the hospital to celebrate their Christmas party with the children there.
There were enough presents, food, fruit and juice to go around and as some of the children and their parents were enjoying their lunch, a flute musical presentation of carols and hymns was performed by an NEFC staff, with everyone humming and singing along.
And to top it all off, there came the big Christmas cake which everyone surrounded for a group photo before it was cut by NEFC boss, Dr Nao Badu, who said they were happy to see the sick children in high spirits and enjoying every minute of their presence at the children’s ward.