Church helps school with projects

National, Normal

The National, Monday November 11th, 2013


A PIONEER school in Lae, Morobe, witnessed a major ground-breaking ceremony for three projects to be implemented there.

The Bumayong Lutheran Secondary School, owned by the Evengelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea, is located between the three districts of Nawaeb, Huon Gulf and Lae.

Staff, students and guests witnessed the groundbreaking ceremony for a teacher’s new duplex house and that will be followed by the fencing project and technical skills programmes like welding and brick-making, which will be funded by the Lutheran Church of Netherlands.

Provincial education planner Keith Jiram told teachers and students the project signified the start of infrastructure development in the education division.

He said the province was trying to meet the requirements of the education reform like the type of curriculum, teacher training and building of classrooms and teachers’ houses.

He pointed out there would be an establishment of a Papua New Guinea elementary teachers’ college in Morobe which the education division had taken on board and would be located at Finschhafen so that elementary teachers could go there for their training. 

“When we put elementary in order, the primary and secondary schools will fall in line to move this province forward and the only way to do that is to support the human resource as we have witnessed today for the groundbreaking of the construction of the teacher’s duplex house,” Jiram said.