Churches are more organised


Schools in the country are the primary institutions of learning, not only for academic excellence but for human integration and sharpening people skills.
As such, most of our Government-run schools are not the best institutions for our children and students to be taught proper manners, grooming or communication skills.
Firstly, most teachers dress in scruffy clothes, torn trousers, sandals on the feet; untidy in all aspects.
Brushing their teeth is definitely an effort.
Combing their hair isn’t possible with the different types of hairstyles our woman folk have adopted.
Many don’t bother washing their hair.
These are teachers who teach in Government-run schools, who lack the “role model” features for our students to see and practice.
These are street people with certificates allowed by the Teaching Service Commission to practice as teachers.
Therefore, church-run schools must be allowed to recruit teachers based on their Christian values and practices.
No one, not even provincial education boards, should intervene when churches throw out PEB-appointed teachers who front up in church-run schools.
Churches are more organised.
Their strict discipline establishes rules that student learn as part of life skill development.
Church-run institutions are turning out quality citizens who can and will contribute positively towards the communities they live in, and the country and the world as a whole.


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