Report misleading


LOTTIE Wayagure of The National needs to be reminded that if she is unsure of what she is writing about, she needs to verify it before publishing.
Her piece on standards-based curriculum, which she put down as “subject-based curriculum” is not only cheeky, but lacks substance and is totally misleading (The National, Jan 25).
Her informant and headmistress Biaon should know better than to mouth off with negativity when she knows very well that the Department of Education has a curriculum development division.
They write the material, run training for all teachers countrywide to implement this
curriculum. In mid-2018, they ran training for the lower primary only to implement the new standards-based curriculum.
Schools have been informed countrywide that the standards-based curriculum for upper grades will be launched sometime this year, together with proper training.
To go to the media with an outburst of belittling the very department that employs Mrs Biaon and her counterparts speaks highly of her incompetent public relations skills.
Provide constructive input to better the government’s policy shifts for the betterment of our education system rather than bashing it with nonsense.

Port Moresby.


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