School fee assistance scheme


THIS is an open letter to the North Waghi district development authority to clear perennial speculative scepticism of district tertiary school fees assistance scheme for this year.
The tertiary school fees assistance scheme is one of the initiatives and long-term policy formulations engineered by Fabian Pok, MP since he came to power in 2012.
For the last four consecutive years from 2014 to 2017, the policy has helped many students who are now in the workforce in both public and private domains.
Pok himself is an educationist and academia, he believes in education as a conceptual tool for change and therefore the North Waghi district has produced many educated elites.
We salute Pok for having such a “positive sum-game” policy meaning it’s good for everyone to benefit and this is another strategic alleviating measure to deflate the poverty rate while inflating human resource development index in district.
However, last year tertiary students missed out on district sponsorship because of many factors affecting the district to pay its tertiary students school fees and surely the entire people of North Waghi have comprehended the political scenario.
One parochial narrative for the DDA to respond to this now is will the district tertiary school fee sponsorship scheme resume this year or it has been vetoed for an indefinite period?
Mobilisation is heating up for tertiary school fee subsidy in the district right now and that is the positive sign for this year.
The perennial problem is school fee subsidy fund from the district doesn’t reach tertiary institutions on time during registration and is a bit of concern here for both parents and students.
And for those who are responsible for tertiary school fee assistance scheme under DDA, must ensure to recoup all acquittals from 2014-17 from respective institutions around PNG for proper checks and balances for the district.
Therefore, universities and colleges’ bursars must produce every acquittal on time for the next subsidy to creep in.

Max M Wapi
Port Moresby

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