Churches in district give K25,000 for thanksgiving

Faith, Normal

The National, Thursday October 17th, 2013


THOUSANDS of Christians from five churches in the Nipa-Kutubu district, Southern Highlands, gathered last Sunday at Pesi United Church for a thanksgiving.

The Pesi, Tinte, Yuk, Opla and Edil United Churches  contributed about K28,000, pigs and garden produce for the thanksgiving.

Nipa-Kutubu MP Pesap Jeffery Komal gave K10,000 as  his contribution to the thanksgiving and spent the day worshipping with his fellow Christians.

Komal told the congregations that he would not forget churches because they had done so much to change the country.

“Whatever activity any church group is involved in, I will do my part as I must be physically and spiritually fit to perform my duties,” he said. 

“Leaders need directions from God to look after his people.

“They cannot work on their own.”

He said he would help churches in the district in maintaining peace and changing the lives of people.

He said that all churches built from bush materials would one day have roofing irons. This includes the homes of pastors.

Pesi United Church pastor Daniel Pind said the day was special because the people acknowledged God’s blessings.

“The church is privileged to have the Nipa-Kutubu MP celebrate the day with us. It is God who chooses leaders and leaders must work with churches to strengthen their leadership,” he said.