Churches slams PMC

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THE Churches Medical Council of PNG (CMC) has commended Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare for stopping the funding for the controversial Pacific Medical Centre (PMC).
Chairman Wallace Kintak said in a statement that it would cost the government more money than the anticipated K500 million.
“The National Health Plan (2011-20) would cost K1.4 billion every year starting next year.
“If we are not careful, then, this planned white elephant will eat more money earmarked for revitalising the current health system,” he said.
Kintak said the government should look at the current health situation, rural health facilities were in a state of disrepair, dysfunctional and struggled to care for patients.
“Church health facilities needs to be upgraded and extended.
“The new National Health Plan needs to be supported so that more community health posts are built throughout the country,” Kintak said.
He added that there was lack of basic health care for majority of the people in rural areas, adding that specialist health workers were refusing to go to rural areas because of lack of infrastructure.
Kintak said as a result that contributed to high infant and maternal mortality rate.
“It would be sound economic to upgrade all current health facilities, including the Port Moresby General Hospital.
“We do not need a new super hospital,” he said.
Since it was reported in the media that the prime minister had stopped funding for the PMC, public support had been pouring in commending Sir Michael for making the right decision.