Authority unveils new road policy

National, Normal


THE National Roads Authority (NRA) is planning to enhance community economic empowerment policy in its road development programmes.
As announced by NRA executive officer Roy Mumu on Wednesday, the policy aim was to involve people to take ownership of the roads in their respective areas and to participate in road maintenance.
Reporting on the progress made by NRA since its establishment, Mumu said it was vital for local communities that live near the roads to be engaged in maintenance activities.
He referred to work like cleaning of drainages and clearing of bushes along roadsides.
“We encourage the use of less machinery and getting the community involved,” Mumu said.
NRA chairman Rex Paki also stressed the importance of locally owned contractors to work on road maintenance.
The idea is to involve landowners to work on roads in their respective areas in order to have the communities to participate alongside construction companies that they will recognise as one of their own.
“In this way, we can reduce landowner complaints and claims and the community would get paid for the work they do along the roads,” he said.