Clean up Goroka town


DOMESTICATED cows that once roamed Goroka town and paint a negative image of the town are now locked up.
Now that our cows are fenced away in our respective grazing areas, we want the Goroka town authority to clean up the streets by getting rid of rubbish and the ever increasing street vending.
I am one of three known cow owners.
The Goroka District Court has issued a shoot to kill order for cows roaming the streets last December.
We’ve adhered to the court order t to lock up cows.
We want to see the town authority get rid of all the rubbish, including street vending.
We want the town management to do a thorough clean up by banning all street vending.
It is time for the town manager and his team to fence away the betel nut, smoke tables, pigs, goats and marijuana addicts flocking the town.
They have become real eye sores and making the town look scary for business investors and development partners.

Ben Noel

One thought on “Clean up Goroka town

  • The footpaths in front of shops and streets and bus stops have been taken over by street vendors. The shoppers and the general have been pushed on to the roads and are sharing them with the vehicles. Are we waiting for a nasty accident to happen before something can be done? Over to the town management.

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