More clients using data services via mobiles: CEO


ABOUT 50 per cent of Digicel subscribers are using data services through their handsets, chief executive Valde Ferradaz says.
He was asked how the company was progressing with the SIM registration exercise.
“I can tell you that we have 800 people every day doing SIM registration. It’s about a 1000-people workforce because we have a big network and we are in a very close collaboration with the government,” Ferradaz said.
“The government has been very supportive and so far we are on track to meet the deadline.
“Our challenge to register subscribers will become bigger due to the launch of the 1Tok Plus as we expect more people to be using Digicel.
“The data services is about half our subscriber base, so we got over two million people using our network on and off.
“And our smart phone penetration is in excess of 50 per cent of the population. We will continue to drive that agenda.”
He said the government and relevant stakeholders need to look at ways to enhance connectivity in PNG.
“The first thing is connectivity whether it is O3B, which is the satellite we use, or you bring in fibre to wire up PNG. But it needs to be connected for cheap break-up of internet. And that’s in the programme,” he said.
“The difficult part is to bring energy into the communities.

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