Climate leads Catholic agenda


Catholic bishops have been urged to become advocates of climate change in the Oceania region.
A conference for the Federation of Catholic Bishops Conferences of Oceania (FCBCO) is underway in Port Moresby with at least 80 bishops from across Oceania taking part.
The focus was the effects of climate change on nations and their economies.
Speaking at the opening in Port Moresby yesterday, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, from the Vatican, conveyed a message from Pope Francis calling on the bishops to focus on climate change.
Cardinal Pietro is second to the Pope in the Catholic Church.
“We all share a common home which we call planet Earth,” he said.
“While this may be obvious on one level, if this truth is accepted, then there are ethical implications for everyone as to how we use the treasures of the land and sea.”
The Cardinal pleaded for a deep-seated conversion of attitudes towards God’s gift of creation. In particular, he named politicians and policymakers to put into practice a life of responsible and modest living.
Prof Ottmar Edenhoffer, a renowned scientist, gave a detailed account of the way in which the effects of climate change could be measured. He also analysed the industries which most contribute to carbon emissions, especially those which depend on coal for fuel.
He explored the effects of climate change, and gave examples which include the displacement of communities as a result of disruptive weather patterns, droughts and floods. Edenhoffer told the bishops to work with their people to reduce carbon emissions.