Closing up unhealthy, says Uguro


EDUCATION Minister Jimmy Uguro says it is “unhealthy” to close schools to counter the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
“Although classrooms are not designed for the Covid-19, various steps could be taken to ensure the learning environment was safe, such as ensuring there is no overcrowding,” he said.
Responding to news reports on several provincial education authorities not allowing schools to split overcrowded classes, Uguro said schools were allowed to split their classes as long as:

  • THEY cover all lessons;
  • SAFETY and security of students and teachers are guaranteed;
  • CONSIDERATION for students living far from school;
  • IF they are threatened to do so by the Covid-19
  • WORK with health officials wherever possible; and
  • OTHER areas where teachers feel appropriate.

“Classrooms are standard structures since time memorial and the Covid-19 is a disaster,” Uguro said.
“It takes much effort to redesign classrooms to accommodate the Covid-19 protocols.
“The Government has no money to fund this right away.
“All we expect from schools as short term measures were that common sense must prevail to accommodate for the Covid-19 protocols.
“Our children and teachers’ health and well-being are important.
“It is important for school administrations to strike a balance and cooperative decisions that could help promote win-win situations.
“The Covid-19 has really affected normal operations in schools’ instructional hours and administration operations.
“We trust that teachers can provide the best during this time of emergency and also be guided by the Covid-19 protocols.”