Coley speaks about US 2016 elections

The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

An engaged audience saw a presentation by the United States embassy’s economic officer Brad Coley speaking about the 2016 elections during the US election discussion series.
Speaking in the American Corner at the National Library, he stressed the importance of political party conventions as well as their primaries and meetings that lead up to the conventions.
Coley said that despite the lack of intrigue in the upcoming Cleveland and Philadelphia conventions, such conventions were important in solidifying the support of the parties behind their candidates.
Additional presentations will be hosted and will lead to the final presentation on Wednesday, November 9, the American Corner will be open to the public to learn the identity of the 45th resident of the United States.
The other presentations prior to November 9 include a talk on the Republican and Democratic platforms on August 16 at noon with Michael Mitchell, consular officer and Brad Coley, discussing the role of media in elections with deputy chief of mission Joel Maybury on September 8 at noon and; a presentation on the role of special interests in the elections with Christine Buzzard, political officer.
Located in Waigani, the US embassy Port Moresby’s American Corner operates in partnership with the National Library.