Column 1

Column 1

Just magic
Journos on their way to the Opposition camp in Vanimo yesterday morning were told at the airport that they had no tickets as the fares had not been paid. One quick call to a MP in Vanimo and they were told they could board the flight. Just like that.
Big bill
Opposition MPs spending at least two weeks at their Vanimo camp are expected to rack up quite a bill for accommodation and meals. Not everyone is broke during these hard times as a lot of cash is still floating around.
Lost bet
Maroons fans did not look too happy on Wednesday night even though his team had won the State of Origin 2020 series. He explained that his investment at the betting shop had failed to yield the return he was expecting.
Wine world
The latest craze in the wine world is Trump Whine which is made from sour grapes. Free sampling.
Black Friday
Many around the world had referred to Friday last week – Nov 13 – as Black Friday. Not the United States. They celebrate Black Friday on Nov 27 when many shops offer items at discounts. It is the day after Thanksgiving.
What a friend
Friend texted: “I am making some changes in my life. If you do not hear anything from me, you are one of them!”
Food for thought
Teach your children early what you learned late.
Top quote
You are never too old, too late or to have made many mistakes to not remain hopeful. You are in the right place and the right time for a new beginning, new season of life, and for doors of opportunity to open for you.” – Robert Ricciardelli.

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  • Just a trivial question and maybe it’s so real. One minister without integrity looking at him at face value is PP. Am how was he being elected governor of NCD. My understanding is that, NCD is a district in Central Province and so rightly PP should be defined as a local MP for NCD district. A governor of a Province is an elected provincial member who have stood in the national elections and won that seat to qualify him to be the governor. All other Provinces have got that right except Central Province. Can I have an expert light on this situation?

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