Come clean with law on religion


I WANT to echo the same sentiments of some politicians including the deputy prime minister on the issue of religious freedom.
The Constitution under section 45 states that every person has the right to freedom of religion and beliefs as long as the practice does not interfere with qualified rights of the people.
It is not clear on the issue of which religion.
There are many religions around the globe such as Muslim, Hinduism, Judaism, Khalsa, Paganism, Taoism, and amongst such is Christianity.
We claim that our country is a Christian country but in fact there is no law that guarantees that.
More so there are no laws that bars other religions to enter our shores.
A clear example of religious practices that have arrived in PNG other than Christianity are Muslim and the most talked about Hinduism yoga.
When the forefathers built this nation and founded the constitution they were guided by one faith only and that is natural law which is moral law that poured from the fountain of Christianity.
PNG, a country of different tribes and languages, was united back then by one religion only and that is Christianity.
The point is, now is the time to amend and come clear on a religious belief.
We cannot sit back and ride with the tide.
PNG at a snail pace seems to adopt laws from other far-left countries that are too liberal.
That’s fine but the notion of morality and rights should walk hand in hand.
Morality should not be separated from right.
Let’s put a stop to far-left ideas such as extreme human rights laws pertaining to gay rights and such demoralising liberal ideas and let’s be conservative with the laws we have.
The most important thing is to make sure that our country is paddle by moral laws and not positive law (legal positivism) or manmade laws.
PNG who swore allegiance to Christian faith and has a divine critical history of its own cannot be subsumed into the dogma of some countries that think they can override God’s principles.
In order to preserve this country and its morality from other invading religions and ideas, Christianity should be declared under a law as the only accepted faith in PNG.

E. Ulach,

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