Committee to address road laws

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THE Works and Transport Ministry has set up a special sub-technical committee to deal with the increasing number of road accidents nationwide.
Works and Transport Minister Don Polye, on Monday revealed that the committee would review legislations and enact laws to help reduce road accidents.
“Most accidents are alcohol and speed-related and therefore, the results of breathalysers and speed laser guns need to be accepted by law.
“These two equipments are important to assist minimise the constant road accidents most often related to drink-driving and speed-related and must be made available for law enforcement.
“Speed limits, issuing of licences and heavy penalties for flouting traffic rules, such as failure to wear seat belts, will also be looked into.
“Another vital priority is to ensure proper road maintenance.
“For this, we will need K300 million,” Mr Polye said.
He said the committee comprised top officers from the National Road and Safety Council, the National Road Authority, Motor Vehicle Insurance Ltd, Works and Transport Department and the NCD Traffic Police.
Mr Polye said the committee should also look at training and education of all drivers on road safety. 
He said awareness programmes should also be conducted in schools.
“We need responsible and qualified drivers to be on the roads and not drivers who do not care about the law or the people using the roads,” he added.
On road maintenance, Mr Polye said he would be asking the Cabinet to allocate the funds so that “work could start immediately”, paying special attention to ensure quality repairs.
“This, we do by implementing performance-based contracts.
“Contractors carrying out work on the roads will only be paid after work is completed and the quality of work is accepted,” Mr Polye said.
 “Road safety is everybody’s business and drivers just need to have the right attitude, giving due respect to regulations,” he said.