Puppies get a second chance

National, Normal


THE National’s office had a surprise visit yesterday when six newborn puppies were brought in by a representative of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).
“The owner brought them to us last week Friday for assistance and so we are going to have to hand-raise these little PNG specials as they are now known in RSPCA until they are ready for adoption in three to four months time,” education and marketing coordinator for RSPCA Salote Vagi said.
Ms Vagi said the puppies were just 15 days old and needed their natural mother to nurture them so they could grow. However, the puppies’ mother abandoned them.
“We are now giving the puppies a second chance at survival by hand-raising them which includes internal and external treatment by pet vaccination, deworming, feeding them, washing and even providing baskets filled with clothes for them to sleep in,” Ms Vagi said.
Ms Vagi appealed to pet owners to visit the RSPCA office when they are in need of any information on how to care for their animals.
Healthy pets can be adopted from the RSPCA for a fee of K100.