Community transmission of Covid-19 evident, says doctor


NATIONAL Doctors Association president Dr James Naipao says community transmission of the Covid-19 has been evident recently in Port Moresby.
“With the winter in Australia and community transmission in Port Moresby during a time when (strong) wind is being experienced, rain is falling, and temperature is dropping, a surge in the coronavirus numbers will be seen,” he said.
“Now that the coronavirus has become epidemic in Port Moresby, it might reach other parts of PNG.”
Dr Naipao said nearly 15 per cent of people with flu-like symptoms with or without fever, and those with sudden heart burn, chest tightness and diarrhoea “may require treatment and end up requiring health facility admission”.
“Those at high risk are those around 55 years old and above, and those with comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, immunodeficiency diseases, heart and lung diseases, and chronic stomach and intestine diseases,” he said in a statement.
He advised “young and abled” people to exercise caution if they live at home with “someone 55 and above or someone who carries a comorbidity”.
“It is your duty to diligently practise the new norm in order to prevent the transmission of this coronavirus to the vulnerable. Respect and care for them,” he said.

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