Companies donate supplies to hospital

Health Watch

The Nambawan Trophy Ltd group (NWTL) last week donated health supplies to the Port Moresby General Hospital to help manage the surge in the Covid-19 cases in the country.
The company partnered with Victory No.8 Ltd, Alpha Response Security and Ela Builders through its corporate social responsibility initiative.
In a statement, NWTL said the items donated were 100 boxes of surgical face masks, 100 boxes of gloves, 60 face shields, thirty 20-litre containers of disinfectant, 90 bed sheets and pillow cases, a supply of 100 pieces of bread loaves per day for 30 days and a shipping container to be used for storage.
“We appreciate the effort and services our frontline workers are providing, especially during this time,” corporate social responsibility initiative chairlady and Victory No.8 Ltd managing director Yolande Saesaria Gui said.
“We can’t imagine the strain that they are facing each day within the growth in cases, urban clinics shutting down and the main hospital bursting at the seams with an influx in patients.
“Please do not feel ashamed or scared about getting tested (for the Covid-19).
“Any sign of flu, please get tested and bear with our health workers.
“Our hospitals and health services are under pressure so let us do our part.
“Be compassionate and help ease the strain by protecting ourselves and our families we protect our health workers too.
“Wear a mask, wash your hands, sanitise and avoid crowded areas.”